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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Breast Reduction Surgery: A Patient's Journey

This is the story of a woman (let’s name her Sunita ) who had suffered years of social, emotional as well as physical discomforts due to her large, disproportionate breasts. She always felt difficulty finding dresses that fit, distressed about being the center of unwanted attention, and suffered from physical ailments like neck, back, and shoulder pain. One day, she came to know that ‘Breast reduction surgery’ could effectively address her problems and improves the overall appearance. She did a Google search and collected a massive amount of information on breast reduction. She talked with her friends, and some of them advised that not all of the information found on the web is reliable. So, she started investigating deeper on the topic, discussed with various dermatologists and gathered at an inference of what actually breast reduction surgery is. Here we go with Sunita’s findings!

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Plastic surgeons  educated Sunitha that breast reduction surgery is a procedure carried out to remove the excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin, in order to help her reduce the size and weight of her heavy breasts, thereby achieving a breast contour that is more in proportion with her body. They also informed her that the surgery could not only make her breasts smaller and firmer, but also improve the symmetry of the breasts.

Sunita then decided to undergo a breast reduction surgery and started hunting for a best plastic surgeon, who could help her gain a more proportioned bust line. Now, the next part of the story begins…

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

This was the next key challenge faced by Sunitha. She searched for cosmetic surgeons’ websites and looked over their experiences in the relevant field. She contemplated various before and after photos on their websites and even talked with some of them.

And after days of deliberate thought, she chose a best plastic surgeon.

The Procedures Involved…

She consulted the doctor and had a detailed discussion on the steps of a breast reduction procedure.   

  • Anesthesia
The Anesthetist inquired about her medical conditions and history, including whether she has had any medical problem affecting breasts. The doctor also delved deeper into the medical history of her family, any other medications she is on, allergies etc.

  •   Creating incisions
The surgeon told her that the next thing she will do is to make an incision around   Sunita’s nipple. The incision will generally be in the form of an inverted-T or anchor-shaped.

  • Repositioning nipple
The nipple will be then repositioned and underlying breast tissue will be reduced, lifted and properly shaped.

  • Closing the incisions
The final procedure will be to close the incisions using sutures, skin adhesives or surgical tape to support the newly shaped breasts.

Sunita  was then very clear on how the surgeon is going to reduce the size of her breasts. The next concern she had was that if the results of breast reduction surgery lasts or not.


The Results – Will it Last?

The doctor assured Sunita that she can expect to enjoy smaller, appealing breasts for a lifetime, as long as she could maintain a ideal  body weight .

Sunita was really happy to hear that and she decided to undergo a breast reduction surgery. So, the doctor advised her to:

  •  Complete several lab tests
  • Have a baseline mammogram
  • Stop taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Avoid smoking for a short period before and after the surgery
  • Make sure that she arranges someone to drive her home after surgery
Sunita  followed the advices of her doctor. And finally, she successfully underwent a breast reduction surgery!

Life After Breast Reduction?

Now, you might be curious to know what happened to our heroine after surgery, right? Well, Sunita, like most other patients, had a rapid relief from neck, back and shoulder pain after the surgery; however, she too had the typical issues like swelling, soreness, and tingling. As the doctor already advised her that the breasts often heal at a different rate, she was not worried to see some asymmetry during the first few months of recovery. Over time, the post-surgical swelling has resolved and incision lines have faded. After about 2-3 months, the final results were in place for Sunita. Years passed and now, Sunita is a self-confident lady with a renewed sense of freedom to wear the dresses she likes and participate in physical activities from which she was previously deprived of.

This is not just the story of Sunita; but the story of many women who have alleviated physical and emotional discomforts and acquired enhanced appearance through breast reduction surgeries with the help of the best cosmetic surgeons. If you are one among millions of ladies who are struggling with larger breasts, then it’s time that you get a breast reduction surgery from a  plastic surgeon.

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