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Thursday, 4 August 2016

An overview of liposuction- what you need to know about it

And so the battle against the bulge still continues. Hence I decided to write this post. 

There are umpteen number of options for weight loss, body toning , sculpted body and like wise. From hot water with honey and lemon to green tea , weight loss capsules, protein shakes -skip your meal types , or just simple veggies everything is on a roll now. Your neighbourhood is teaming with stores which stock them . There are slimming centers, gyms, Zumba and aerobic classes which can complement these stores. But still you are  unsatisfied with your body. You are unable to  get rid of the back rolls, bulge on your lower tummy, love handles on your flanks or the banana rolls on your buttocks with all your efforts . That is when you should consult a Plastic surgeon.

Safe Liposuction practice started by Dr Ilouz and Dr Fournier in the 1980’s in France has now become the most common cosmetic procedure worldwide. Though it initially started with simple manual liposuction , now there are power assisted liposuction, ultrasound liposuction and laser lipolysis. Your Plastic surgeon can guide you into which method is suitable for you depending upon the amount of fat, skin quality and preferred areas of liposuction. Ideally liposuction is targeted for inch loss and body contouring though you can lose your weight anywhere between 3-6 kgs postprocedure. Though the American guidelines for safe liposuction practice is removal of 5 liters of fat in a sitting, megaliposuction can be done in selected cases with utmost caution in which 8-10 % of your body weight can be sucked out in a sitting. Hence patients with BMI > 35 kg/m2  would benefit from a bariatric weight loss surgery rather than a liposuction.

This surgery is done through small 3 mm incisions placed along the concealed areas. A fluid is injected into the fat cells to break down the cells and liquefied fat is aspirated out. It is done under general anesthesia though local anesthesia can be given for small areas of liposuction. On an average 2-5 lts of fat is taken out from the body. Your surgeon may advise you to wear a compression garment postoperatively which helps reduce the swelling. Recovery after liposuction is smooth. You may have bruising, swelling which can last for 10-15 days. You can get back to work  2-3 days after surgery. The body starts shaping after 6 weeks, however the final result can take as long as 3 months.

Liposuction is combined with tummy tuck if there is excess lax skin in the lower abdomen. In a tummy tuck , a long incision is done spanning your hip bones on either side to remove all the extra skin. Umbilicus is also re-positioned in the waist. Similarly Liposuction surgery is also an ancillary procedure  undertaken in a person who had a massive weight loss surgery done. Here the folds of skin on the abdomen and thighs /arms are excised with liposuction of the remaining fat. Sometimes  a breast reduction surgery can be accomplished by liposuction alone in young girls where preserving the breast architecture and lactation is vital. This can be a stop gap solution to heavy breasts until child bearing and lactation is completed. 

The fat that is sucked out from the body has stem cells( ADSC- adipose derived stem cells) which has the potential to regenerate and multiply. This same fat, is filtered and centrifuged and can be injected in fat deficient areas of the face like the cheeks, laugh lines, wrinkles for a rejuvenated look.  This has also been used for a subtle augmentation of  the breasts in a natural “no implants” way. However the flipside of this procedure is the atrophy of 30% of fat cells and need for redo fat grafting sometimes.

The results of liposuction are technically permanent since the fat cells are removed from body. However your body shape and contour can change according to weight gain, lifestyle changes,aging, pregnancy etc. So the basic message is to keep your weight stable for a long lasting result.

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